Okay, I suck at reviewing manga.

So here’s a few links to Comics Worth Reading and their lovely reviews instead, so that they can get all the glory.

Dramacon.  Because who doesn’t love a manga with egotistical boyfriends, chibis galore, and hot guys in sunglasses?

Fruits Basket.  Ah… this was the first manga I really fell in love with.  I started reading it in 2006 and have kept on to Volume 18, almost done with the series.  It sounds silly at first, but wait until you get to the double digits.  Then Takaya-san hits you with the heavy stuff.

The saga of Chiyo-chan’s pigtails I mean, Azumanga Daioh has something for everyone, from the adorably spaced-out Osaka to the strange, strange Miss Yukari (who hits students with papers when they eat good food.)


WAIT, what?  I was just reading a review of Death Note and it said… it said… IT SAID THEY KILLED L!!!  WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!  THAT IS THE WORST SPOILER EVER!  Forget me reading past #6.  Like, ever,  DN minus L = ridiculousity!  Where is that element of cute that the spiky-haired little prodigy adds to the story if he’s GONE?????  OH MY GOD! *storms off with knife in search of Light Yagami*


*storms back on with knife now covered in blood*

And now, back to my list of Comics Worth Reading’s great reviews:

Japan Ai is the book I’ve been waiting to read.  It looks awesome– a trip to Japan!  All the bits of culture I can’t wait to experience when I go there myself!  Yaaay!

Who wouldn’t want to look at a manga called Penguin Revolution?  I can see it now, little black-n-white birdies with powdered wigs and bayonets, fighting the British… shoot, that’s not what it’s about.

Well, that concludes my ramblings for now. Bye-bye, toodles, see y’all soon!

L-lovingly, manga-readingly, and disappointedly yours,

Katie Cullen


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  1. 1

    elezend said,

    If you enjoyed reading shoujo manga, you should definitely try koukou debut ^^ and how could you miss perfect girl evolution and also ouran high school? they are the best!

  2. 2

    Violeta said,

    I thought I’d hate Fruits Basket but it really was quite heartwarming. I totally should get back into the series again. I’ve only read the first few volumes….

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